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postnatal screening clinic

Postnatal Screening Clinic

Be In Blossom has established a screening clinic for new Mums to provide assessment and guidance in their preparation to return to exercise. What does the Screening Clinic Offer?With an emphasis on early intervention (6wks-6mths), our clinic aims to provide Mums with a 30min consultation focused...


Who Can Help You Deal With Things?

Are You OK? Who can help you deal with things when the going gets tough?? The journey into parenthood is exciting but also a time of great change. Often I don’t believe we are well equipped to cope with the shift in our role from work with only yourself to care for, to being at home providing...

intro image abdominal work

When to progress your Abdominal Work?

Determining the level of difficulty to exercise your abdominal wall after having a baby is not simply a case of linking your progress to the number of weeks or months you are post-birth. There is no recipe to follow and this is why you will notice so many variations going on particularly in our...

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