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FAQ’s about Pilates for Pregnancy

Is it safe to do pilates when pregnant?
Yes in most cases. Women are encouraged to accumulate 150min or more of moderate intensity exercise during pregnancy and 2-3 sessions of resistance training. If you have not been an exerciser then it is best to wait until you reach the 12 week mark and gradually introduce exercise to your week. Pilates is low impact and incorporates body resistance, bands and light hand weights so a great choice. Some exercises need to be either adjusted or alternatives provided to avoid exercising on your back or belly or if you are experiencing pelvic pain and other conditions.
Does pilates help with labour?
Yes it can! Pilates is a mindful form of exercise. You will learn how to belly breathe effectively and train your pelvic floor muscles both to contract and also to relax and lengthen for the second stage of labour. Women who can lengthen their pelvic floor when pushing are less likely to have a prolonged second stage. Pregnancy-specific pilates includes several exercises on the floor and exercise ball which are useful to use during labour to manage discomfort and facilitating labour progression.
When should I stop attending pilates?
Unless there is a medical reason you should try to continue your pilates right until the day you birth your baby. Your pilates program will need to be adjusted as you progress through your pregnancy.
If I am booked for a caesarean is pilates still useful?
Absolutely! Many of the exercises are provided to manage discomforts of pregnancy. For example, mobilising your rib cage and opening your chest, low back mobility, buttock muscle and pelvic floor strengthening, strengthening the arms. These will help you manage back and pelvic pain, bladder and bowel control, moving about the bed or chair early in your recovery and lifting/nursing your baby.
Can I join pregnancy Pilates if I have never done pilates before?
We welcome novices to class. Many of the exercises taught are different to the traditional program so everyone is learning. Classes are taught with beginner options plus modifications for women experiencing various pregnancy conditions. You can even join in if you are well into your third trimester.

Be In Blossom offers both Core & Stretch group matwork classes and small group reformer lessons for pregnant women. Women are welcome to join at any stage from 12 weeks and can continue to full term unless their obstetrician requests them to cease exercise for medical reasons.

We would love to support you through your pregnancy.