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Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy Core & Stretch - Pilates Class

Pilates is recommended by many obstetricians for pregnant women. Its focus on posture, breathing, core connection and flexibility have seen women eagerly seeking out classes. However, significant adaptations need to be made to the general pilates program to accommodate the physical and physiological changes that occur during this time. Recent years have seen a flourish in publications on exercise in pregnancy and as a result, our Pregnancy Pilates are designed to incorporate not only Pregnancy Pilates exercises but to include the following:

  • comprehensive pelvic floor training including both strengthening and relaxation strategies
  • deep abdominal training for back care and limiting abdominal muscle separation (diastasis)
  • additional core stability exercises using equipment such as fitballs and BOSU’s to enhancing active support of joints to combat hormone-driven changes
  • targeted muscle toning and flexibility movements to correct or prevent muscle imbalances as your pregnancy advances

Education on:

  • labour positions and active birthing skills; birth choices;
  • skills for managing common pregnancy-related conditions eg. pelvic girdle pain, low back pain, rectus diastasis, rib pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, incontinence, prolapse, and post-natal recovery

Relaxation techniques complete each session:

  • including breath awareness, meditation, and mindfulness for labour and life!
  • We use a combination of small apparatus including gym balls, chi balls, BOSU, resistance bands, Pilates circles, and free weights in addition to bodyweight exercise.

Recent health reforms support Physiotherapy run pregnancy exercise classes such as ours and as a result, most private health funds continue to provide a rebate for our participants.

A telephone screening assessment is required prior to attending your first class. We recommend you discuss your exercise plans with your obstetric team. On occasions, we may require signed consent from your Doctor.

Why not combine this class with one of our small group reformer, pregnancy circuit or all stages all women circuit class.


  • Thursday 5pm - Chermside
  • Thursday 6pm - Chermside


  • 5 Class Pass $110 ($22/class)
  • Valid for 3 months.
  • Credit Transferrable to postnatal classes.
  • Casual $25/class

Why Choose Be In Blossom

Certified Physiotherapists

Movement specialists with university-level training in anatomy, biomechanics and physiology.

Completed Postgraduate Courses

Our Physiotherapists have completed postgraduate courses to identify and manage pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal wall and pelvic disorders.

Skilled in Pregnancy, Postnatal & Recovery Exercises

Physiotherapists are trained in exercise prescription specific to pregnancy, the postnatal period and recovery from gynaecological surgery.

Holistic Approach

Physiotherapists understand the biopsychosocial model of care, providing a more holistic approach to your health.

Comply With Strict Regulatory Procedures

All registered Physiotherapists must comply with strict regulatory procedures to ensure the safety of their clients including mandatory continuing education, documentation, scope of practice and code of conduct.