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Thank you for expressing an interest in joining our virtual classes. Whether you are looking to maintain a healthy mind and body throughout pregnancy, to rehabilitate post-birth, a challenge to your core in advanced Pilates or want to tone and build fitness in a circuit style class - there is something for you!

Introduction of Virtual Classes

VIRTUAL Pregnancy, Postnatal and General Advanced Pilates Classes now available in the booking system. We hope to add a circuit class in the next week or two depending on the uptake. Join us as we beam into your home with comprehensive and innovative 45 min classes. Classes open to both current and new clients.

Our online programs allow you to choose between:

Pregnancy Core & Stretch Pilates:

Pilates is recommended by many obstetricians as a fantastic way to prepare your body for birth. Our 45min classes are comprised of comprehensive pelvic floor training, deep abdominal work for back care and managing muscle separation, core stability exercises, targeted muscle toning and flexibility movements.
Pregnancy Core & Stretch Pilates
Postnatal or Beginner Pilates

Postnatal or Beginner Pilates:

This 45min class builds abdominal support and control, improves pelvic floor strength and coordination, establishes better postural habits, flexibility and involves targeted toning work. Suitable from 6 weeks postnatal and for novices who are looking to try the benefits of Pilates

Advanced Pilates:

A 45min class that builds on the beginner level Pilates. This class increases the challenge to your core, balance, resistance level, pelvic floor loading and complexity of movements. You should not do this class if you are experiencing any pelvic floor symptoms (pain, incontinence, prolapse, urgency) or areas of pain/discomfort anywhere else in the body that has not been assessed by your Doctor or health professional. Suitable for clients who are familiar with Pilates or similar exercise and wanting to get a achieve a good all over workout.
Advanced Pilates
Postnatal or Beginner Pilates

Circuit Class:

A 45 min class designed for an all-over body workout. This class can be adapted for either pregnant or non-pregnant clients with explanations on appropriate modifications suggested through the class. Tailer the resistance and cardio components to your capabilities. Classes will include upper and lower body toning, abdominal strengthening and cardio aspects with a focus on incorporating pelvic floor activation throughout.

To book into a class:

1. Go to www.beinblossom.com.au
2. Click on the BOOK NOW button in the top banner of the home page 3. Enter your details and create a password
4. Click on New Booking
5. Choose Class
6. Choose  VIRTUAL class of your choice
7. Choose date and time
8. Complete checkout and Confirmation

When the time of the class arrives, you will receive an email with the links to the video. You have access to the class for the full week. The link then expires and a new one is forwarded on to whoever is booked into the following week. New content is uploaded each week so you have loads of variety. Cost of the virtual classes is $10 per booking.

Would you please be able to complete an online assessment form by clicking on the assessment form that is appropriate for you below:

Pregnancy Form Link

Postnatal Form Link

General Assessment (beyond 12 mths post-birth)

**DISCLAIMER: Please discuss your exercise intentions with your health care provider. Should you be participating exclusively in the virtual classes Be In Blossom acknowledges that no individual screening assessment may have been undertaken. You need to take full responsibility to monitor your physical condition during the class and if any symptoms arise during or following a class please stop and contact us or your Doctor.

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