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Pregnancy Circuit Class: Prenatal Exercise Classes Chermside

Prenatal Exercise Classes Chermside: Pregnancy Circuit Class

Our pregnancy circuit classes are designed and conducted by skilled Physiotherapists to support the latest recommendations by Sports Medicine Aust and RANCOG (Royal Aust & NZ College of Obstetricians). Pregnant women are advised to accumulate 150-300 min of moderate-intensity physical activity each week and to participate in submaximal strength training.

Experiencing pelvic pain, pelvic floor weakness or never participating in regular exercise?

No problem! Modifications can be made to support you through your pregnancy. Combine this class with one of our Pregnancy Core & Stretch classes and be well on the way to a healthy pregnancy.

  • Resistance training designed to tone muscle groups such as the buttocks, thighs, upper back and back of the arms and shoulders.
  • Resistance is provided with light weights, body weight or elasticised resistance-bands for preparation of birth and managing a baby.
  • Moderate intensity cardio moves to improve or maintain fitness
  • Emphasis on posture and techniques to effectively recruit your pelvic floor and deep abdominals in a coordinated pattern with your breathing
  • Develop better awareness on how to limit abdominal muscle separation
  • Careful programming to avoid jarring and twisting movements and repetitive single-sided loading to help prevent or manage pelvic girdle pain
  • Pelvic floor strengthening

Regular exercise in pregnancy has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, assist with controlling blood pressure, improve body image and reduce back pain.

A telephone screening assessment is required prior to attending your first class. We recommend you discuss your exercise plans with your obstetric team. On occasions, we may require signed consent from your Doctor.

Other Recommended Add-On Prenatal Classes

The All Stages All Women Circuit class will offer suitable modifications and is another great option for circuit training. Why not combine this class with our Pregnancy Core & Stretch or small group Reformer classes.

Reformer Class

This class is open to pregnant and non-pregnant ladies.

Options available

  • Pregnancy Reformer Pilates,
  • Postnatal Reformer Pilates,
  • General (women’s only) Reformer Pilates,
  • Rectus Diastasis abdominal wall assessment & rehabilitation
  • Return to Running Postnatal Programming
  • Recovering from gynaecological surgery rehabilitation


  • Monday 10am - Chermside
  • Tuesday 6:30pm - Keperra


  • 5 Class Pass $110 ($22/class)
  • Valid for 3 months.
  • Credit transferrable to postnatal classes.
  • Casual $25/class

Pregnancy Guidelines

More information on exercise in pregnancy guidelines can be found by clicking on the buttons below.

Why Choose Be In Blossom

  • Certified Physiotherapists

    Movement specialists with university-level training in anatomy, biomechanics and physiology.

  • Completed Postgraduate Courses

    Our Physiotherapists have completed postgraduate courses to identify and manage pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal wall and pelvic disorders.

  • Skilled in Pregnancy, Postnatal & Recovery Exercises

    Physiotherapists are trained in exercise prescription specific to pregnancy, the postnatal period and recovery from gynaecological surgery.

  • Holistic Approach

    Physiotherapists understand the biopsychosocial model of care, providing a more holistic approach to your health.

  • Comply With Strict Regulatory Procedures

    All registered Physiotherapists must comply with strict regulatory procedures to ensure the safety of their clients including mandatory continuing education, documentation, scope of practice and code of conduct.