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Women’s Pilates Class: Core, Conditioning & Cardio for Women

Women’s Pilates Class: Core, Conditioning & Cardio for Women

Here at Be In Blossom, we are so excited to bring Brisbane Women a class that supports their specific needs outside the childbearing years. So many women fall out of the gym and other training programs due to bladder leakage, prolapse, back or joint pains, surgery, feeling “out of place” or not prioritising their needs within their family unit. We understand the needs of this population and we are thrilled to offer this service.

Course Content

Our 8-week class-blocks incorporate the following elements:

  • Pilates exercises that have been modified to reflect current Physiotherapy research knowledge,
  • Comprehensive pelvic floor and deep abdominal training,
  • Posture and breathing analysis and training,
  • Toning exercises incorporating resistance bands, light free-weights and body resistance,
  • Dynamic movements to improve flexibility,
  • Challenges to your balance and fitness including BOSU and step training, fit ball, boxing and more…

A total body workout for your wellbeing. Suitable for all women including those with pelvic floor weakness, rehabilitation after gynaecological surgery, post-menopausal, joint pain, abdominal muscle separation (diastasis) and ladies wanting to build their core pre-baby.

Private health rebates may apply. Classes are invoiced as Physiotherapy Class Consults (code 561).


30min individual assessment appointments are required for clients wishing to claim a rebate through their private health. An assessment is also recommended for those with more complex health conditions. The assessment is valid for 12mths so only need be done once for a 12 month period. During this assessment, we will be looking closely at your posture, breathing, abdominal wall, flexibility, balance and some of the specific exercises we will be focusing on through the classes. This helps us structure the class to your individual needs.


  • Monday 9am - Chermside

Courses run for 8 weeks within the school terms. See booking system for commencement dates. Makeup classes are offered for up to two missed sessions. Bookings Essential.


  • 8 week terms $176 ($22 per class)

Why Choose Be In Blossom

  • Certified Physiotherapists

    Movement specialists with university-level training in anatomy, biomechanics and physiology.

  • Completed Postgraduate Courses

    Our Physiotherapists have completed postgraduate courses to identify and manage pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal wall and pelvic disorders.

  • Skilled in Pregnancy, Postnatal & Recovery Exercises

    Physiotherapists are trained in exercise prescription specific to pregnancy, the postnatal period and recovery from gynaecological surgery.

  • Holistic Approach

    Physiotherapists understand the biopsychosocial model of care, providing a more holistic approach to your health.

  • Comply With Strict Regulatory Procedures

    All registered Physiotherapists must comply with strict regulatory procedures to ensure the safety of their clients including mandatory continuing education, documentation, scope of practice and code of conduct.