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Be In Blossom has established a screening clinic for new Mums to provide assessment and guidance in their preparation to return to exercise.

What does the Screening Clinic Offer?
With an emphasis on early intervention (6wks-6mths), our clinic aims to provide Mums with a 30min consultation focused on one or more of the following areas:

Perform a comprehensive abdominal wall (diastasis) check:
Assess inter-recti distance (degree of separation) along the length of the wall
Assess linea alba tension (connective tissue joining the borders of the rectus abdominal muscles)
Ability to control intra-abdominal pressure with various abdominal wall challenges
Coordination of the abdominal wall with pelvic floor and breathing
Provide a selection of exercises to assist recovery of function and appearance with an individualised approach
Posture analysis:
Check your alignment
Check for muscle imbalance
Teach suitable exercises to address potential problem areas such as upper and lower back pain, poor rib cage movement, persistent groin or pelvic pain

Functional assessment with loading tasks:
Assess the response of your trunk and breathing to a series of exercises that are a progression from those provided during your in-hospital physio visit
Guide your choices in returning to exercise including loads and exercise type

Pre-class Assessment for Private Health Fund:
Ladies wishing to claim their postnatal exercises classes with Be In Blossom through their private health should attend a screening assessment
The assessment is valid for 12 months and should also be claimable through your private health
Recommendations can be made for further physiotherapy input through either attending our specialised exercise classes, referral to a colleague for individual treatment sessions or a combination. Though our Physiotherapists are trained in pelvic floor assessments our screening clinic does not involve an internal examination. We are happy to suggest one of our colleagues for those Mums who would benefit from this, using the feedback provided by the pelvic floor assessment to assist in tailoring our classes to best suit your needs.


30 min consults $70
To celebrate the opening of our screening clinic we are offering $10 off for our customers who book an appointment for the month of November.
Clinic Location
Clinic appointments are held at The Backdoor Studio, 61 Milburn St, Chermside West.
The studio is positioned directly behind Ditto Dancewear. There is good signage and plenty of parking both in the shopping complex and side streets. Please do not park in the one way street where the entrance is. There is easy pram access, toilet facilities in the studio, a kitchenette and air conditioning for your comfort.

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