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At the start of every year, we come together to brainstorm ways to ensure Sarah and I are providing a comprehensive, holistic service with specific goals in mind. 2020 provided unexpected challenges for so many of our clients as they navigated pregnancy, birth and raising a newborn. Consequently, in 2021 we have chosen to direct some more energy into supporting the mental well-being of our valued Be In Blossom family. This year we will be looking at practical ways we can ensure that both your physical and emotional needs are being considered throughout your birth preparation, recovery and the maintenance phase of life. We will achieve this goal through enhancing referral pathways to more health professionals, imparting information on research,  services and apps available for maternal mental health and facilitating connections within our class community. We have been working collaboratively with the administrative team at the church and onsite coffee shop to provide some free workshops open to clients, friends and community members which will create an opportunity to acquire information and to meet other Mums. We will look to run 1-2 sessions each term starting in Term 2. Our first “Mum’s Connect” session will be on April 20th.
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MUMS CONNECT – Free informal session with guest speaker
Jill Clarke, Birth Trauma Councillor
Present and past clients, community members and health professionals welcome.
When: Tuesday April 20th
Session Times: 11:30am and 12pm
Where: Seminar Room, Chermside Kedron Community Church, 590 Gympie Rd, Chermside
The seminar room opens up to Chatters Cafe outdoor dining area. A relaxed, undercover, spacious area for Mums to sit and chat, grab a coffee or bite to eat before or after their session.

We have created an EVENTS page through the Be In Blossom Facebook to register attendance.
CLICK HERE to visit the event page. Numbers will be capped at 24 per session.
  • via the Facebook events page
  • on the noticeboard outside the door where you enter for classes, or
  • email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
When you RSVP please include the session time you would like to register for (11:30am or 12pm)

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