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Be In Blossom Response to Coronavirus

Andrea and I would like to outline the processes we are putting in place to protect you, our most valued customers and maintain the service we provide. Our classes will continue to run, however, we have made some important additions and changes.


The Introduction of two VIRTUAL CLASSES

A virtual studio space has been set up to allow us to record classes.
Initially, we will be offering a Pregnancy Core & Stretch Pilates and a Postnatal Core & Conditioning Pilates class. These virtual classes will be set up in the Bookeo system.


How to Book:

Go to www.beinblossom.com.au
Click on BOOK NOW in the top banner
CURRENT CLIENTS: Enter your email and password
NEW CLIENTS: Create a log in
Once in the booking system
Choose CLASS
Choose   VIRTUAL Pregnancy Core & Stretch Pilates,  or VIRTUAL Postnatal Core & Conditioning Pilates
Cost: $10
Make Payment and confirm


How the virtual class works:

Videos will be made every week. At the time of the class, you are booked into all class participants will be emailed a link that gives them access to the class for 7 days. This means you can do the class as many times as you like during the 7 day period. After this time the access is removed and a new video will be made available to those booking into the next week’s class. Just like our usual classes, you will have different content each week. Should you have questions about a class please feel free to email us.
As the majority of our work is class-based we are reliant on class attendance to maintain our service. We hope that by offering a virtual class it will provide an opportunity for those who are unable to attend a class due to childcare issues or illness a chance to continue their exercise routine.
It would be wonderful if you could share this information with your social media groups and friends so that more women can access our service. You do not have to be a current client to join. Private health rebates are not available for virtual classes. Virtual classes will start within the next week. Please keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.


Limiting Contact Opportunities during classes

  • Reducing class sizes to 10: allowing us to keep our participants at approx. 1.5m distance
  • Removing communal toys: We suggest bringing a small bag along to class with some toys for your child/children.
  • Mats will be wiped down between classes but you may feel more comfortable bringing along your own mat. Please bring a towel and baby throw rug to class. We will have a supply of spare towels. You might also like to purchase your own theraband from Kmart, Target or a sports store. These are the mats, therabands and mini-band sets available at Kmart currently.




  • Either wash your hands for 20 sec before entering class or use the hand sanitiser that will be on the desk as you enter
  • At the end of class please put on the hand sanitiser. Alternatively, go to the bathroom or parents room and wash hands
  • Try not to touch your face
  • Should you or your child have a fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat or difficulty breathing please refrain from attending


Opportunity for Individual Consults and Home Programs

Our postnatal screening clinic in West Chermside will now be available to both postnatal and pregnant clients who would like a one-on-one visit to assess and establish home programs. If you would like to book an individual review please register into the booking system and click on New Booking, choose Personal Lesson and then choose the Early Postnatal Screening Clinic (even if you are a pregnant client or further along in your recovery). If spaces fill, we will add clinic times.

This is a very stressful time for many and we recognise that just like ours, businesses may suffer considerably during this time. We are also acutely aware of the impact that withdrawing social interactions can have on rates of perinatal anxiety and depression. Our classes will continue to run with smaller group numbers. We will be following state health recommendations as they emerge so once again please remember to follow our social media posts.
I would like to take this time to thank our clients for your support during this difficulty period. Our wonderful Be In Blossom community will emerge stronger than ever and hopefully with the addition of virtual classes as an ongoing service.

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Best wishes,
Briony & Andy.

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