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Adapting to change and supporting you in 2022


We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back next week and continuing to support our valued customers in 2022! I hope everyone has had the opportunity to rest, do something special for themselves and with their families. In the face of uncertainty from the pandemic we have expanded our choices for classes and privates to provide options to suit each person's individual circumstances. Feelings of anxiety and concern are perfectly normal. Keeping up your exercise, eating well and staying connected to friends and family will help. Personally, I have started to incorporate mindfulness more into my daily routine, taking time to slow down, distract my mind from the busy internal dialogue of how to manage my business through the pandemic and making a conscious effort to avoid mindless scrolling on devices.

Appointments and Classes Offered in 2022

  • Pregnancy Core & Stretch Pilates
  • Pregnancy Circuit
  • Mummy Core Restore & Baby Massage Course (4 week program)
    • Jan 11th 3 week course (fully booked – waitlist available)
    • Feb  1st places available (50% full)
  • Mummy Core & Conditioning Pilates Class
  • Move Mummy Move Circuit Class
  • Mummy Readiness to Run Bootcamp Workshop (5 week program)
    • Starts Monday Jan 24th and Friday March 4th
  • Core, Conditioning & Cardio (General - Women’s Only 9 week Term booking)
    • Mon Jan 24th  and Tues Jan 25th almost full.
    • Friday Jan 28th places available
  • Private and Semi-Private Reformer equipment lessons (Pregnancy/Postnatal/Beyond Postnatal – women at any stage of life)
  • Virtual Pregnancy Pilates, Beginner Pilates, Advanced Pilates & Circuit Classes
  • Telehealth consults available on request (Many private health companies provide rebates on telehealth individual consults)
  • Option to attend some of our group classes via a live zoom link

Please call or email with questions on bookings.




Timetable for Group classes and Assessment Clinics

The private and semi-private lessons at our Keperra studio do not appear on the above timetable. Several timeslots have been uploaded into the booking system. We encourage you to email or call with requests for days/times and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
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Riding the Wave – COVID and classes

There are two lessons I have learnt since COVID surfaced; resilience and how to be adaptable as the heath landscape changes. Our highest priority is the health and well-being of our clients. This underpins all decisions that are made on how we deliver our service at Be In Blossom. Like many, I had hoped we would be entering 2022 with the weight of COVID restrictions removed from our shoulders as we reach 90% community vaccination rates. Instead, it has infiltrated family time over the holiday break as we create a roadmap for return of appointments and classes from January 10th. Based on the current health guidelines and our own research the following will apply for our clients:
  1. All clients attending group classes must be double vaccinated. Please be prepared to show evidence of your vaccination status.
  2. Private appointments and equipment/reformer lessons are available at the Keperra studio.

These individual appointments are open to both vaccinated and unvaccinated clients . Equipment will be thoroughly cleaned between each appointment.

  1. We will continue with mask wearing though when you are exercising and socially distanced you may remove your mask if you feel it is affecting your health. This is particularly relevant for pregnant clients who may already feel breathing to be laboured.
  2. Use the QR code check-in when arriving to your class or appointment.
  3. Please remember to reschedule or cancel an appointment or class if you have any COVID symptoms (fever, cough, tiredness, loss of taste and/or smell, sore throat, headache, muscle or body aches, shortness of breath, runny nose or congestion, diarrhoea, nausea or vomiting.
  4. Inform us promptly if you receive a positive COVID test
Should you wish to access our services but would prefer not to attend in person you may access our virtual classes which are emailed out every Sunday at 5pm (Pregnancy Pilates, Beginner/Postnatal Pilates, Advanced Pilates or Circuit classes). You can request to participate in your class via a live zoom link. Meeting ID and password will be sent out prior to your booked class. In this instance, you would book into the face-to-face class but send a text through if you plan on attending virtually.
We can also arrange a telehealth consult. Please contact us if you would like an online appointment.
We will keep abreast of health recommendations and continue to adapt our processes accordingly.
Youtube Channel Subscription 
Did you know Be In Blossom has a Youtube channel? CLICK HERE to view and subscribe. From time to time we upload short exercise and educational videos that are freely available.

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Together we are Stronger

We are so grateful for our wonderful community and referrers who have supported Be In Blossom through the ongoing challenges of the past couple of years. The calls, texts and emails of positive messages really do make it all worthwhile, reminding us that we make a difference. Here's to health and happiness in 2022. Briony & Sarah.



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