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Who Can Help You Deal With Things?

Are You OK? Who can help you deal with things when the going gets tough??

The journey into parenthood is exciting but also a time of great change. Often I don’t believe we are well equipped to cope with the shift in our role from work with only yourself to care for, to being at home providing round the clock care to your baby. The change in how we view our contribution to the family unit from an income perspective, how we view our body, where we place our baby’s, our partners and our own needs. The daily interactions we would usually have with work colleagues and friends. Layered upon the changes are dealing with a lack of sleep, possible pregnancy or birth conditions that cause pain or discomfort and the physical demands required of you. The list goes on. There is not enough conversation about the fragility of our emotional well-being. Andrea and I wanted to share some fabulous resources available to support yourself and your partner at this time.

PANDA: Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA)

Ph 1300726306 9am-7:30pm M-F

PANDA provides a national helpline dedicated to perinatal mental health for women, men and their families. Highly trained counsellors help you work through your challenges in a safe and confidential space.


The Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA)

Ph 0412445770

ABTA was established in 2016 to support women and their families who are suffering postnatally from physical and/or psychological trauma resulting from birth. This website has some fantastic resources.



Provides evidence-based e-treatments designed to help women anywhere in Australia who are experiencing depression either during pregnancy or after the birth of their baby. Their programs are designed to deliver the benefits of face-to-face cognitive-behavioural treatment without needing to leave your home. There is a Mum2BMoodBooster and MumMoodBooster program. Check out their new mindmum app. It is a free app and well worth a look!


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