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Postnatal Screening Clinic Chermside

Postnatal Screening Clinic Chermside

Be In Blossom has established a screening clinic for New Mums to provide assessment and guidance in their preparation to return to exercise. We also offer appointments to Pregnant clients who are looking to be assessed prior to commencing our classes.

What does a Postnatal Screening Appointment Involve?

With an emphasis on early intervention (6wks-6mths), our clinic aims to provide Mums with a 30min consultation focused on the assessment of one or more of the following areas:


Analysis of your alignment and muscle balance with relevance to your presenting issue. Teach suitable exercises to address potential troublesome areas such as upper and lower back pain, poor rib cage movement, persistent groin or pelvic pain

Abdominal wall:

  • Assess your abdominal muscle separation (rectus diastasis) by examining:
    • The distance between the Rectus Abdominis muscles along the length of your tummy
    • The condition and integrity of the Linea Alba (the connective tissue joining the borders of the rectus abdominis muscles)
  • Assess the function of your abdominal wall:
    • Ability to tension the Linea Alba (the gap) through a deep abdominal muscle contraction (Transversus Abdominis - TA)
    • Coordination with your Breathing (diaphragm and rib cage) and Pelvic Floor
    • Ability to work optimally to control intra-abdominal pressure with various abdominal wall challenges
  • Assess your C/Section scar:
    • Check your scar mobility and skin sensitivity
    • How your scar responds to loading

Provide a selection of exercises to assist the recovery of function and appearance with an individualised approach.

Teach strategies to desensitise the scar or massage techniques to improve scar mobility.

Functional assessment with loading tasks:

  • Assess the response of your trunk, pelvis and breathing to a series of exercises that is a progression from those provided during your in-hospital physio visit
  • Assess your biomechanics in functional movement patterns
  • Selected screening tasks to identify common areas needing strengthening eg.  gluteal muscles
  • Guide your choices in returning to exercise including loads and exercise type

Pregnancy & Postnatal Pre-class Assessment for Private Health Fund

  • Ladies wishing to claim their exercise classes with Be In Blossom through their private health should attend a screening assessment. This helps us to understand your individual presentation and allows us to plan accordingly for classes so that the exercises are at the appropriate level with your specific goals in mind.
  • Provide suggestions on modifications to exercises taught in class to keep you moving well and comfortably.
  • The assessment is valid for 12 months and should also be claimable through your private health.

Recommendations can be made for further physiotherapy input through either individual consults or exercise classes. If continence or prolapse symptoms are your main concern or we have identified risk factors from your history during our phone interview or online assessment form we may recommend a specialised pelvic floor assessment. Though our Physiotherapists are trained in pelvic floor assessments our screening clinic does not involve an internal examination. We are happy to suggest one of our colleagues for those Mums who would benefit from this, using the feedback provided by the pelvic floor assessment to assist in tailoring our classes to best suit your needs.

Clinic Times:

  • Check the booking system for available days and times at both our Chermside and Keperra venues
  • Outside of clinic hours appointments may be available on request.


Appointments are being held in a private room at the Chermside Kedron Community Church, 590 Gympie Rd (where we run our classes). The venue has ample off-road parking, parents room and coffee shop.

What to Bring:

  • Attend your appointment in comfortable exercise attire, ideally a fitted top.
  • Towel and water bottle
  • Babies are welcome

30min Screening Consults: $90

A $10 discount will be provided to screening clinic clients when booking into a course or purchasing a 5 class pass. Please inform us so that we may apply the discount to your booking.

All women having assessments will be provided with a few exercises to work on but there will be a $30 administration fee if you wish to have a program written up.