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COVID 19 Safe Return to Classes


Here at Be In Blossom we are committed to implement a robust infection control plan to ensure the well-being of our clients when we reopen doors on June 15 th . Our plan aligns with Department of Health and World Health Organisation guidelines to reflect both national and international standards of practice. Be In Blossom staff have completed the Australian Government online COVID19 infection control training module.

Please take the time to read through our action plan and feel free to contact us with questions. Your safety is our number one priority.


  • Floors will be marked out with tape to show where mats should be placed to maintain a physical distance of 1.5 metres from any other person whilst exercising. In the case of Mums and Bubs classes, each mum and her baby will have space allocated to allow for both themselves and their baby to share a space the size of two mats. We are liaising with staff at the venue to look at opening up the concertina doors to expand the space that we have and removing excess chairs. At this stage we are looking at a maximum of 10 Mums per class but this may be reduced if necessary.
  • Entering and leaving the exercise room. Entrance will be via the internal corridor next to the toilet facilities (our usual entry). Exit during daytime classes will be via the double glass doors at the back of our room. Exit during the evening classes will be via the Parents room. This will be clearly marked.
  • Waiting for your class. Thankfully the church has a large foyer area. Please try to arrive only a short time before your class is due to start to avoid groups of people congregating together. You are also welcome to wait in the covered area outside the main doors that enter the church.
  • Signs will be placed around the foyer area to remind all to social distance.
  • Equipment will be spread out to avoid congestion
  • There will be no check-in sheet, rather ladies will be checked in by the instructor at the start of class. If you would like receipts emailed for casual classes or at the completing of a 5 class pass please request this as a text msg as you leave class or via email with the Subject Line RECEIPTS DUE.
  • Instructors will still move around the room to observe and correct techniques or modify for individuals but will try to avoid hands on contact.
  • Instructors will avoid contact with babies.
  • Please utilise prams, bouncers, activity mats, etc to assist with limiting movements of mobile babies/toddlers where possible.


  • We encourage clients to bring their own mat and resistance band to class. If you have hand weights that you would like to bring please do.
  • Mats will continue to be provided at class and will be wiped down between classes with disinfectant wipes. We will be providing disinfectant wipes and requesting clients to wipe down the mat/s that they used to assist in time management.
  • Resistance bands are unable to be wet without losing their integrity so we will be providing 1m lengths of resistance band to purchase at class at a cost of $5 if you don’t already have your own. Please take these home with you and bring with you to each class. Should you wish to purchase a resistance band prior to attending you can do so at Kmart / Target / Big W / Sports Stores. You will then be able to do some exercise at home!
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser (minimum 60% ethanol) will be placed at the entry of the room. There is a basin in the Parent’s room to wash hands and several basins in the ladies toilets.
  • We suggest you bring your own Hand Sanitiser to class too. This will avoid people congregating at the entry area.
  • Keep in mind respiratory etiquette: Should you need to cough or sneeze cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or use the crease of your elbow. Dispose of the tissue immediately after use. Use hand sanitiser or wash hands after.
  • Wipes will be available in the Parent’s room. Please feel free to wipe down the chair if you are feeding your baby. We would be grateful if you could also wipe the chair when you have finished as we are unable to while teaching class. You are most welcome to feed your baby in our exercise room should you need to during the class.
  • The room surfaces will be cleaned at the end of each day by the instructors.
  • Our usual communal toys will not be available for children at this point in time. We suggest you pack a small bag of items for your own child and respectfully request you try and limit your child visiting other children to “borrow” a toy.


  • Staff illness: Instructors will not attend work if they have symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath and fatigue), or suspect they may have been infected with COVID-19 (this includes close contact with another person diagnosed with COVID-19). We will endeavour to replace the instructor. If this cannot be done an email will be sent out to all ladies booked informing them of the class cancellation at least 1 hour before the commencement of classes. A post will also go up on the Be In Blossom Facebook page in case there are ladies looking to book last minute.
  • Clients: If you or your child are unwell, have symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath and fatigue), suspect you have been infected with COVID-19 (including close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19) or been advised by health authorities to self-isolate you SHOULD NOT attend class.
  • Clients who are observed to be reasonably displaying symptoms (for example persistent coughing) of COVID-19 will be politely asked to leave the site.


  • Our booking system provides a register of attendance and will be used to support public health authorities with contact tracing.
  • Clients should make contact with Be In Blossom in the event that they return a positive COVID19 test result.
  • Be In Blossom endorses the Australian Governments COVID Safe App.

Thank you for adhering to our Action Plan guidelines. With your help we will maintain a safe exercise environment for all attending.

Warm regards,
Your friendly Be In Blossom team.

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