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Postnatal Physio Workshop Chermside

Postnatal Physio Workshop Chermside: Mummy Boot Camp

Mummy Boot Camp Workshop

Are you keen to take up a gym membership, return to jogging or simply want to up the intensity of your own exercise program after having your baby but unsure where to start?  Our Bootcamp/Readiness to Run Workshops aim to bridge the gap between low and higher intensity training. These 5-week workshops will cover many of the exercises you will encounter in gym and boot camp settings including plyometrics, weight-resisted leg and arm work, jogging patterns, abdominal strengthening and more with a focus on applying the principles of alignment, load distribution, breathing pattern in coordination with pelvic floor and deep abdominal timing. In 2019 new evidence-based guidelines on Returning to Running post-birth were published. These classes will include objective measures recommended in the guidelines. Learn your warning signs for injury and ways to modify exercises so that you can return to your choice of fitness with confidence.  Max 10 participants. Babies welcome.

NB These classes are not designed to be done in place of your gym/personal trainer. Rather they are to facilitate your return in a safer way.

Course Prerequisites:

  1. 3 or more months postnatal
  2. Attended the Mummy Core Restore course or equivalent training
  3. Complete a Telephone Screening Assessment or attended the Postnatal Screening Clinic

Equipment required:

  1. 2 X 2kg hand weights
  2. Towel and water bottle
  3. Sneakers, fitted top and supportive pants
  4. Mobile phone to record short clips of techniques for practising at home

Mats and other training equipment will be supplied.


  • The 5-week program is $100 (Receipts issued as a set of 5)

Why Choose Be In Blossom

  • Certified Physiotherapists

    Movement specialists with university-level training in anatomy, biomechanics and physiology.

  • Completed Postgraduate Courses

    Our Physiotherapists have completed postgraduate courses to identify and manage pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal wall and pelvic disorders.

  • Skilled in Pregnancy, Postnatal & Recovery Exercises

    Physiotherapists are trained in exercise prescription specific to pregnancy, the postnatal period and recovery from gynaecological surgery.

  • Holistic Approach

    Physiotherapists understand the biopsychosocial model of care, providing a more holistic approach to your health.

  • Comply With Strict Regulatory Procedures

    All registered Physiotherapists must comply with strict regulatory procedures to ensure the safety of their clients including mandatory continuing education, documentation, scope of practice and code of conduct.