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Move Mummy Move

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Step back into fitness following your bub’s birth without placing undue strain on your pelvic floor. It is desirable though not essential that you complete the Mummy Core Restore & Baby Massage Introductory Course or comparable before joining Move Mummy Move so that you have developed your skills in coordinating your breathing with deep abdominals and pelvic floor. Move Mummy Move is a great postnatal fitness class to do as a preparatory to the Mummy Bootcamp/Readiness to Run Workshop. Classes open to Mums who are at least 6 weeks post-birth. Babies welcome.
Classes Include:
  • Both low and high impact cardio options under Physiotherapy guidance for ladies to safely progress as their pelvic floor support and overall body awareness improves
  • Resistance training using light free weights, resistance bands, and body weight
  • A focus on abdominals and pelvic floor strengthening and functional integration
  • Core stability and balance retraining with BOSU’s, gym balls and Chi balls
  • Variety of class formats including moderate-intensity interval training, AMRAP, circuit and whole-group activities
  • Stretching utilising sliding discs and resistance bands
  • Opportunity for small group activities to promote interaction with other Mums in a supportive environment
As Physiotherapists with years of experience treating postnatal clients, we provide tailored exercise options to assist women experiencing rectus diastasis, incontinence, prolapse, pelvic or back pain, wrist pain (De Quervain’s) and more. We believe that the body is amazing, capable, adaptable and resilient – we look forward to sharing our exercise philosophy and assisting you to achieve your exercise goals.


Monday Mornings 11:00 am
Thursday Afternoon 5:30 pm (baby-free)


5 Class Pass $100 ($20 / Class)
Valid for 3 months
Casual Booking $22.50/class

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